Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Already? Hmm...Where was Winter?

I was thinking about what to write about, I knew it was tome to tend to the neglected blog, but in reality, I live a very sheltered life, not too much to talk about. But then it struck me, it's March, we have had virtually, no winter. We started some sort of winter on Halloween with a great snowstorm. My Grandson built a snowman incorporating his jack O Lantern. But then..... that was it.

Then it got warm again. the kids have had no snow days, we didn't have snow for Christmas, we didn't even have a blizzard in January. I think I live in PA, the last time I wrote my address, I did. But where was winter? Well, in Europe, Japan, anywhere but PA.
Now I am sure you think I am nuts, how could I like winter? I lived in VA through my teenage years, I hated it, I was from NY, I was used to snow, we had some in VA, but not enough for me. So I escaped here, and we did have winters, mind you I said did.  I feel the need for the 4 seasons. Each one has it's good points though Fall is my favorite. I am not a heat person, nor do I like spiders the size of my hand nor snakes poking their heads up at me from the wood pile I am trying to stack. I despise fleas and ticks. But I do love the flowers, the hummingbirds, the warm evenings on the deck and the beach time I get. But that is it. Winter brings me those cozy, warm feelings, I love my flannel shirts and jeans, my winter TV shows, Christmas, fires and snow. Snow is pretty, it changes that dreary brown landscape into something wondrous and magical, especially at night with the moon shining on it. I have missed that this year. So call me nuts if you want, but the thought of putting this body in shorts, getting bit by mosquitoes, sweating and feeling as if I am melting just doesn't do it for me.

What have I been doing? Well..........seems not much for the first 2 months, I think I slept through them. I have finally come up with some new ideas and started painting,, now I just need to paint more! I have to start thinking about that show coming in November or otherwise I won't be ready again. Here are some things I did get done. I had fun with these, they are old cookie sheets that I have made into chalkboards, of course that spawned new ideas for chalkboards and if left alone, I could paint them all year and have a great stash. I also had some muffin tins I had hoarded and didn't know what to do with, after about 2 years it hit me and I came up with this.

So I am still trying to declutter the desk, but I swore I was going to paint all that was there and not stash it, I want to get some more snowmen done and maybe a few spring type things, but that remains to be seen.

So what has your winter entailed? And what does spring hold for you? I think it will be time to start the spring cleaning if the temps are going to hold in the 70's and 60's, but I wonder if they will. Lots of flowers coming up in my beds, the daffodils are blooming and the trees look like they are budding, a little early for all this, but the result of a warm winter. Before I go, remember to spring ahead tonight, we lose a beloved hour of sleep. Happy Spring!