Friday, January 27, 2012


Ok, so I though this might be a sufficient and interesting topic for the end of January, more like an amusing topic.

Organization, the formal definition is:

a : the act or process of organizing or of being organized b : the condition or manner of being organized.
That doesn't mean too much to me, because it is something I am not. So let's try organize.
: to arrange by systematic planning and united effort.
Ahhhhh, is that it? I am now on the floor laughing,

I can plan all that I want to and arrange all that I want to, but it never fails, as soon as I work, it is gone. I love being organized and reaching in a drawer and finding exactly what I wanted, or opening a notebook and finding the exact pattern that I wanted. But then it starts, the pile of patterns in the corner of the desk, 15 books in a pile because I can't decide which one I want, the pattern that I know I traced and now cannot find. And where did the pencil go, where is the graphite even though I know I put it in that drawer. And where did that plaque go that I base coated six months ago?
Then I decide it is time to, again, for the 10th time in the last month, organize the paint and move the clutter off the desk, and gee, look what I find.
Yup, hiding under all those piles of stuff I intended to paint and never got around to.

I have discovered something about myself, I must have attention deficit because as soon as I dream up something new to paint, I always manage to forget what I was painting. So a bad habit I must break. A new one to start,  keeping a journal on the desk, so when I dream up new stuff, as I am painting stuff already, I can write it down instead of trying to start it. The next thing I have to do is figure out how to store already traced patterns, because I haven't discovered a simple way yet, nothing works, not notebooks, folders, sheet protectors, nothing! I still pile them all over and lose them.

So your version of organization is........
And is it even possible?

I hope January has passed pleasantly for you. Time is certainly flying and before I know it I will be going to the beach. 

Share your organizing skills with us all, maybe we can learn something helpful today.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Beginning of a New Book

Welcome to the beginning of a brand new book, that's what I am calling 2012. I would like to tell you that I am sad to see 2011 leave, but I am not, I was eager to close that book. Though I don't like to openly complain, the last 2 years were like a bad story and I am not sad to see them go. Life has not been easy, and I am sure many people have had that same thought. I am sure it could have been worse, but there sure was room for improvement, lots of it.

I must say that I failed at most of my attempts to do anything I had planned to do, blogging was one of them. Painting and growing my business was another failed attempt. I can't pin a specific reason to it, health and lack of enthusiasm, depression and just plain lack of time, or maybe organization, were some of the things. So of course, I am saying I failed, because I did. I am starting off the year on a down note as I kick my own butt.
I found myself rather sad over the holidays, wishing for the old days and missing so many people that I have lost over the last few years. I watched my grand kids playing on Christmas Eve and thought of my deceased husband and how he never saw the girls grow up or even began to see a grandchild. I thought of my husband's brother and Mom who just left us within the last 2 years, my Mom who loved the kids and always made me mad, and my dear uncle, who was my mentor and my favorite person. January is always bad for me as it is the anniversary of my husband's death.

I have had time to think and reflect, I have many decisions to make and wondering if I can make this year better, if I can find a good doctor, if I can feel well enough to do what I need to do, if even I can get the ambition, there is no more time to play, I have to start doing and really, not sure that I know how. I don't make resolutions, I make vague goals, sometimes they are accomplished and sometimes not. This year, they have to be.
Christmas was nice, but not the same. However, we did have a huge tree that was way too big for the house, LOL. Decorated it was beautiful, but so in the way. My daughter insisted on this tree, thank you Mandy, but next year, it will have to be a bit smaller. No star was going on that tree.
We had lots of food, fun times and memories. I can't complain.
I did mange to do my craft show, it was rough and there sure wasn't enough, but I can call it successful as I sold most of what I had, just kicking my own butt for not being ready with a year to do so.

We also obtained a new furry member to the household, a beautiful little girl named Muffin, she has been a true joy to have around, we do believe that she may be a Maine Coon, she gets furrier by the day and has had her first illness at 5 months. She somehow got a virus and was down and out for a few days, but she sure has bounced back.
So I can't say the whole year was a waste. There were good points.

So as we progress into this new book, let's hope that we can all turn the page to a fantastic, successful New Year, with each page getting better and better until we reach the end and close it and say "It was the best year ever!" There are sure no guarantees, ever, all we can do is what we can do, but I know I can do better. So for now, here's wishing you Warm Winter Blessings, and lots of good stories along the way. We are here for each other, that helps makes things go a little better even when things aren't so bright!
Happy New Year!