Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well it's over for another year

Well, sad but true, another vacation is over and I have post vacation depression. Hmmph, what now? There is just something about the Outer Banks of North Carolina, God must have made them for me. 
I was there when I was 12 for a very brief time when the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was still on the beach. I went to the Wright Brother's Memorial and the Dunes in Kitty Hawk. I went to the lighthouse, played in the ocean and that was that. But that place had been haunting me for 37 years. My daughter metioned 3 years ago that she wanted to go to South Carolina. I am not a big beach person, I told her to have fun with that, I want to go to North Carolina. A few weeks later, she decided that's where she was going and I was welcome to come too, she was going to rent a house. The whole family went and the love affair started. We have gone as a family for the last 3 years and have even included a few friends.
There is just something about the fact that you are on a very thin strip of sand land in  between the sound and the ocean. I sit in awe the entire time I am there. If you go to the farthest end at Hatteras, there is nowhere else to go other than by ferry. It is not commercialized there, very family oriented, no boardwalk, and beach for as far as you can see. Blue green water that is so very clear and some huge waves at times. The history of the Outer Banks is very fascinating in itself. I have learned more there than I ever did in history class. 
The sunsets are phenomenal, but I haven't been awake in time to catch a sunrise, one year I will. I get a sense of peace when I am there that I just can't get at home, sad to say. I have tears when I leave and needless to say, it takes forever to get back into  "real life" as I call it. Sometimes the thought of living there takes over, but then I remember that I really am not a beach person and the thought of the hurricanes that they have down there really scares me, not too up for them!
So another vacation over and now to focus on getting back to the real life again, I will be savoring the sights and sounds for awhile.

I did manage to get some thrift store time, just a little and I did find a few things, but next year there are a few bigger thrift stores that I will get to, couldn't do it this time. Here are my finds and I had sure better start painting them soon! If I don't marie is waiting to take them from me!
It was funny because most of them had no prices on them and I had so many that they just started making up prices and nothing over 1.50. I was a happy camper with my paper grocery bag full of new treasures!

 Well, I wasn't so funny this time, more emotional than my norm, but I am missing the beach and wanted to share some memories with you. This has been long, I will let you leave now but with some fantastic sunsets, you can share my memories with me!
 Good night my friends!!