Monday, May 10, 2010

OK, so it's Monday, AGAIN and a giveaway

Good morning! It's Monday.......again. Why do these days seem to come around so fast?? I don't know, but this one is killing me. No energy, didn't get half of the things done that I wanted to do and this is how I feel. 5:30 am did not like me this morning, maybe it was me that didn't like it!
Possibly I feel this way because Spring is weird this year. We needed air conditioning in March and April, yesterday we needed a fire in the woodstove, hmmm. Even though the sun was shining for the most part, I stayed in and maybe that's the problem. But 50 mph winds on Saturday didn't call to me to go out under the hundreds of trees that I live amongst for fear of being whacked in the head by tree limbs and yesterday was cold and windy too. I had withdraw from yard sales, missed quite a few, so I decided to be kind to myself and set one goal and that was to clean my desk.

Did I get it done? Well yes, but it took a day and a half. It makes me wonder what I do when I paint that I create such a mess. I couldn't find the desk, let alone the stuff I was working on or my brushes. I had paint from one end to the other and lots of "wanna get done" projects all over. I feel like I can at least think now anyway. I swear that I have adult ADD for all the things that I start. It's no wonder that I can't ever get anywhere! I can't find anything. So that goal got accomplished.

Setting goals and making lists tend to be a problem for me. I am not sure why, I think because I tend to punish myself when I don't get things done. Then I get overwhelmed and don't do anything. Maybe that's why I am still dreaming of having a shop instead of actually having one. Silly me, you have to actually do something to get where you want to be.

Anyway, as for goals and shops, I wanted to make mention of a giveaway going on from a wonderful lady who actually has a shop and does get things done, she has become my idol, I wanna be like her when I grow up. She is on Facebook and has 2 blogs. Wander over, say hi to Marie, and sign up for her giveaway, she has such wonderful creative work, you'll love her painting. Marie's Country Woodcrafts

Tell me about your goals and how you go about getting where you want to be. Have a glorious, blessed day! Take some time to see the beauty around you today!


  1. O Eileen, you're funny. I do the same thing...I have so many lists written ask me if any of them are completed...NO!!! Heck, my desk still isn't cleaned off!!!!

  2. Ha, got ya on the desk, but then ask me at the end of the week what it looks like again!! I gave up on lists, I have some from last year!! I just go where the day takes me!!

  3. You are so wonderful Eileen and funny to boot. I had this big grin on my face when I read that you wanted to be like me when you grow up. Too funny! Now I want you to come clean my desk and I still want to come shopping in your basement LOL. Thanks so much for the kind words =)

  4. Ok, I don't like cleaning desks, but that's a long way for me to come!! Happy to share and I meant every word. I enjoy seeing what you do and knowing that someone really does do what I have dreamed of for years!! Take care Marie!

  5. We've had the same dodgy weather here in England. Sunny one day , fire on the next!
    Your desk is looking really good.
    Goals, do I set them? Well only one - that if I wake up in the morning, its a day to spread some happiness.
    Will anyone remember the fact you might have been untidy? Nope! But they will remember the laughing, caring, giving person you are. Be good to yourself!

  6. Pat, you have a wonderful outlook! The tiday is mainly for me because I go crazy in a mess, can't think, lol. I think I get harder on myself about other things that I don't accomplish, that's why I have given up lists and go with what the day allows me to do and that's all I can do, it just doesn't make for much success sometimes. Thanks for that wonderful spirit you have!! Happy that I know you!

  7. Good Morning Eileen,
    I just found your blog this morning. I was on FB and seen your giveaway warning, I passed it along to my friends as well, thanks for the heads-up. I swear it sounded like you were talking about me this morning, I have so many half done projects. I have 2 tables in my work area, 1 for sewing activities (my computer is on this one too) and one for painting projects. I can leave my sewing table to go get something off my other tab;e, look down see another project, pick it up, work on it a little and get totally distracted from the project at the other table, can't remember what I was going to get. It's CRAZY. I am on the search for my rasper right now, I can't find it anywhere, so gonna empty all of my cabinets today, clean up and try once again to get organized.
    Glad I found your blog..have a great day, stop and visit my blog sometime.

  8. Hi Ronda, thanks for coming to visit and I will definitely add you to my list too!! Yes, I do the same as you except that I don't sew, I'll get another idea and I am off starting that one til I have so many started that I can't think straight and then I forget what I wanted to do anyway!! LOL Reorganize is my middle name!! Take care, come see me again!!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Blog!! YAY!!! It's so you! I LOVE the windows that surround your desk! You can come clean my tables anytime!!

  10. Hey there Michele, thanks so much! The 3 walls of the room are windows, it used to be a porch and it was closed in, then we went so far as to insulate and drywall some of it, it's small, but I can watch the birds and the woods, I love sitting out here! I can't work with clutter, drives me nuts and I can't think, but I mange to clutter everytime I paint, LOL, I am a mess, I can clean yours, but I bet you'd do the smae thing I do, mess them back up!!

  11. Hi Eileen!
    Found your blog on FB's Link Love and just can sooo totally relate to this post! I have actually considered buying a new desk rather than cleaning the one I have!! LOL!!

    Hope you can get a minute to check out my new blog at

    Handmade Jewerly Haven

  12. Lisa, you are funny! I am sure that this post probably related to many crafters as it seems to be a constant battle. But I'll keep the desk for awhile and just try harder not to let it get so bad, LOL. I joined your blog, thanks so much for being here!

  13. your blog is coming along great:) <3

  14. Thanks Regina, now need to write something!!

  15. You did just a great job cleaning that come help me with mine!!! I often say the same do I get it so messy......but I do work on a ton of things at once....setting goals.....I set them but it just doesn't happen.....probabaly because I set goals that no human could accomplish!!! Just never enough thyme!

  16. That is my problem Lynn, I work on many things at once, I swear I have ADD! And the goal thing, you sound like me, there is no way a human could do all I have listed, then I get mad because I don't get it all done, so I just go with the flow!! There is never enough thyme!! Thanks for taking the thyme to comment!


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