Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Lost my Meatballs.........serously I did!

Good Thursday afternoon my friends. It is a fantabulous spring day out there and I did to get out for an hour or so, but the 3 yr old needed lunch, which mind you, he is now refusing to eat. See Thursday is not much better than Monday! So the progress in the flower beds has stopped.........again. It was really no better when I got there as I went to plant the seeds and gee, guess what? I guess that from children repeatedly knocking my bowl of seeds over, there weren't but a few left to plant, "sigh", oh well, there are more at the store
As for my meatballs.... for those of you replying to my post on FB about men and their severe obnoxious ways when talking on the phone last night, you may know that I lost my meatballs which I am assuming, is telling me that I have lost my mind. Hmmph, I think that the talking pot was enough to assure me of that already, maybe I didn't take the hint well enough. 
My daughter came home from work around 10 or so. She asked what we had for dinner, I responded with meatballs. Well, she started looking for them. She asked where they were, I of course said, in the refrigerator. In what? was the reply. The man whom we were conversing about on FB at this time, had removed himself from the phone and told her what they were in. She said they weren't there. Ok, so now I am thinking that she is blind or acting 7 instead of 27, as 7 yr. olds can't see a tree before they run into it. So I get up, looking all over for these meatballs, they are nowhere, nowhere that I see anyway. I am crazy now, because I know I washed the pan and put them away. For some reason she opened the pantry closet door, lo and behold, the meatballs were sitting on top of the coffee can on the floor. Why you are asking, would I do that????? Really I don't know. What was I thinking, more like where was my brain? Ummm in hiding, like the meatballs? Was I thinking that the meatball trolls were going to take them in the middle of the night? Honestly, I have no recollection of putting them there at all. By this time I was rolling and in tears from laughing so hard. So to sum it all up, I lost my meatballs for sure.

Now for the talking pot. It has a new look already and it no longer talks to me. I am sharing the progress with you, as well as a bread box that I have been working on for quite some time. They will both be talking to me soon if I don't get busy! I had to do some filling on the back side and you can see that I sure can't cover up the wear on the inside, but you won't be seeing that anyway. I think that all of the trim will be burgundy. Are you seeing a face yet??

The breadbox is a special order from an Ebay customer and has been slow in progress for time limits and getting the design right, we have done step by step approvals on this one and you had best believe, I am ready for it to be done!
The sides will both be done and I will show you the other side as soon as I get a little farther with it.
This will be the front, the door lifts up and under the top.

So in ending, please hold on to your meatballs. I surely lost mine last night and by the time the weekend rolls around I sure hope I don't lose anything else!

Smiles and lots of blessings to all of you. Be creative!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Monday Blahs

Welcome to my brand new blog! In here you will get to see a bit more of my painting and my thoughts and processes on things. I hope you will choose to follow me and enjoy my rantings and ramblings!                                                       
Well, it's Monday, what can I say. But I am wondering just where the weekend went. I know that I didn't sleep through it, I was very busy, but it seems like I drove through it at 200 mph. Now I feel as if my feet are dragging and so is the brain. If there were no Mondays, would it be any different? I doubt it, it's still the beginning of another week no matter what name you give it.
I often wonder just who it was that said that we had to work 5 days a week? I know there are countries in Europe that have 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends. Their thoughts are that it is less stressful and leads to more family time. That makes sense to me. I believe they are healthier than we are too, BP is probably lower and bet you money they are happier. So what happened to the Land of the Free? Did we forget about our families and our health? I wonder sometimes. I am all for the 3 day weekend, less stress and more family time. Maybe we would need less medications and could smile some more. And Have more time for some yard sales!!
So as the alarm startled me into a heart attack this morning and I stumbled out to find the coffee, I had the thought that this can't be Monday already.  As the first poopy diaper arrived from the 3 year old who refuses to use the potty, then as he made the announcement that he needed new peas because his got dirty from his chicken nuggets, I knew that I needed another weekend already! Ah Mondays!
The yard sales were pretty good Saturday. Now this comes from a hard core yard sale junkie. You know the T-shirts that say "Yard Sale Junkie" on them? They made them for me! I was their model! The wind was blowing, it was cold and kept sprinkling, but my daughter and I stayed right on out there to survey each and every one. I got a few things to paint on, that was the object of the hunt. I am going to share the one thing and tell you the story behind this one.
I walked past this ugly pot, glanced and said to myself, "Who would have the nerve to sell something in that kind of shape, you can't cook in it" Not the real words, but I can't say them here. But the stupid pan called my name "Eileen, come back here" So I listened. I stood and stared at it for a few minutes, then I realized why it was there, it was a gingerbread head, yes!! I scored. The ugly pot won and it came home with me. That's just one example of how this mind works. Now can we have another weekend already??