Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time and Goals

Time and Goals

Happy Sunday to all, hope the weekend has been pleasant. Things are changing during this month, we seem to want to flip between warm and cold, snow, sleet and rain. Typical March, fickle as always. We are back to the dreaded daylight saving time and I can't seem to readjust. To me, an hour a day does not justify messing up my natural rhythm, I know, many of you like that extra daylight, for me, not so much. That must be the old in me showing up. However, back to dark in the morning for a bit means I can catch a good sunrise. 

I have been in one of those slumps this year. Got through orders, Christmas flew by, New Year's came and went and I swore I was going to get started with Christmas painting. I did, but not til nearly February. And the same things are still sitting on my desk. Many Santas. I need to be ready for this year's show, trust me, I have counted the months, time does not drag like it did when I was 20. It now goes by in warp speed.

I spent some time reading about setting goals, small ones and big ones, short term and long term. Long term......hmmm, I think I need to stick to short term, it might be in my best interest. I can tell you that there are goals I did want to achieve for this year's show. At this rate, I won't make it. I just wonder, who is going to make me reach those goals? What is realistic? What might not be? Where in the world do my days go anymore? Too many distractions, cleaning, laundry, food, phone calls and errands. But it seems to me like I used to be able to get it all done and paint too. I must be getting very slow these days. It is not unrealistic to get some things done now to put away, but at the same time, Etsy is suffering with nothing new there. I guess I am failing at being my own boss, maybe I need to install a time clock and make myself punch in and out everyday. When I fail to reach certain goals, I just beat myself up, tell myself I am a failure, you know, all kinds of negative and detrimental thoughts, this has to stop. I swear I am my own worst enemy.

These Santas did get done, and the glasses are done. The little dessert glasses now have faces and are nearly done, but it has been a month. Just can't seem to concentrate at all.

Dessert Glass tealight Holders

Santa Glasses and Wine Bottle
Santa Slates

So in ending this for today, do you set goals? Weekly, monthly, or even daily? What do you feel is unrealistic and when you don't reach them, what do you do to yourself? Do you berate yourself? How many hours a day do you contribute to your goals? I am ever so curious as to what others do and how they set about to accomplish their goals. Please feel free to tell us. This has been an ongoing source of frustration for me, along with the seasonal lack of motivation, time management and things like that. Just keep in mind, I am not young anymore, so I can't get around like I used to. LOL.


  1. I just do what I can and don't worry so much about what I don't get done...I try to have an idea what I want to accomplish but no set goals...creativity does best not to be forced...well at least that's what I tell myself. a great week!

  2. Charlotte, I agree, creativity cannot be forced, it has to come on it's own. Some days it just won't come, but when the ideas start flowing, somehow, some way, there has got to be some time to sit down and get it out there, I get too lost in so many other things, there is just too much to do. I have to focus more, and you know me, something about the beginning of the year, I just lose motivation, it gets frustrating sometimes. Hope you have a great week too.

  3. I just love the Santa's. Have a great week. I have been entering the giveaways. So much talent and creativity. Goodness, I feel blessed just visiitng.

  4. Your sunrise has wonderful touching colors. It feels like life is waking up through the darkness


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