Tuesday, September 27, 2011

People Who Inspire Me

It has been another very long and very hot summer. We have had major foods, major heat, hurricanes and earthquakes. As I reflect back on summer,  the intentions that I had for it and the actual end result, it kind of depresses me and makes me wonder where I go wrong and what happens that makes it end up nowhere near what I wanted it to be. It must be something in me that is just disfunctional and keeps me from getting things done that I intend to actually do and never do.

Summer needs to be spent getting ready for fall and winter shows, painting, cutting wood and dreaming up ideas. It never goes that way. It gets spent with kids, flowers, mowing, sweating and then football, depending on my babysitting schedule. We won't mention the hours spent making breakfast, lunch and dinner and the constant cleaning. Sometimes I get a yard sale in there. Not that any of these are bad, but I can't afford to take the summer off from painting, I want it to be my full time job. I want to figure out how to do that before I die, there are too many nay sayers that think I can't do it, but I think I can, I just need a little more than an hour or 2 a day to paint.
That brings me to my point of writing this. There are some ingenious, organized craft people out there that I truly admire for accomplishing the things that I dream of, they are my inspiration. Though this is by far not a complete list of them all, this is just the tip of a huge amount of wonderful talented people that I have had the privilege to meet and follow over the years. If you have a minute, visit them, you won't be disappointed. When I grow up, I want to be just like them!
Lynn from Painting Thyme Needfuls delightful creations. You can find her on Facebook as well at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Painting-Thyme-Needfuls.

Then we have Elfie from paintingfromtheheart, Such a wonderful, sweet and very talented lady who finds the time to paint the most delightful treasures. You can also find her at Etsy..

These are people that love the work they do and they do it well, there are so many others that have the honor of loving their work, making it work for them and creating some beautiful treasures along the way. Someday maybe I can join those ranks too. But for now, some more painting to be done, a child to check on and some new fall shows to keep me company.

How many of you have someone that inspires you to keep striving for something you want? Share with us!! 


  1. Where does the time go indeed! I watch a new granddaughter too, and it's alot of work that takes me from painting., but I found out I can do anything for 15-20 minutes and that's how I get my art done. You might try it and see it works for you too, Eileen.

    A little bit of advice..make your type darker on your blog because it's a little hard to see. Your work is wonderful, keep going!

  2. Dora, congrats on the new baby, sometimes it is fun, sometimes I just want me time, LOL. Thanks for the advice on the time, I just get distracted and hate to stop painting once I start. But I can try. By darker on the print, do you mean whiter, not sure black is going to show, do you think? Thanks Dora, and have fun with that little one!

  3. I want to apologize for saying the print was light. I was using ipad and couldn't see your background and print! I'm on my imac and now I see everything! Sorry hon!

    I get very distracted by everything around me. It's so hard to focus. I call it Artist A.D.D.

  4. Dora, it's fine, I just wanted to know what you were seeing to make sure I wasn't blind. LOL I have the ADD myself, we share that! Hugs!

  5. Oh Eileen you are such a sweetheart! I love your beautiful creations! I honestly don't find the thyme to paint as much as I want! Like you I become frustrated with the lack of painting thyme because of the cleaning, cooking, errands, and now renovations of our retirement home. My real love is decorative painting. I long to do more of that....but I am committed to 2 shops to do the large seasonal pieces that I do. Luckily I am a night owl.........and that is when I accomplish the most! ...NO interruptions!

  6. Lynn, I wish I could stay up later than I do, that is the best time for sure, outside is not calling me, kids don't need lunch and I sure am not cleaning! I still admire what you do and how you hold it all together, when I was younger I did more than I am doing now,energy went out the door years ago. Thanks Lynn, just keep paintin', I love seeing what you do! Take care!


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